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This is so given that this is a notional point in chartering terms, this is best described as the Shipper/Receiver arranging for delivery/receival of cargo to/from directly under ships hook and the ship paying for the labour to stow the cargo in the vesse ...

A common measure of ship carrying capacity. The number of tons (2240 lbs.) of cargo, stores and bunkers that a vessel can transport. It is the difference between the number of tons of water a vessel displaces "light" and the number of tons it displaces "w ...

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This refers to shipping documents which are presented to a bank on a collection basis to be passed to the buyer (drawee) when payment is made.

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Tunnel which accommodates pipelines and runs longitudinally alongh the centre line of a ship.

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Maritime Industry News

  • The aircraft flaperon recently retrieved from La Réunion has been confirmed as coming from a Boeing 777 aircraft, prompting the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) to reassess its MH370 search plan.

  • On Tuesday, the Coast Guard celebrated 225 years of Service to Nation. The milestone anniversary was shared with the birthday ofU.S. nation’s President, Barack Obama, born on August 4, 1961. Below

  • AUGUST 4, 2015—The U.S. Coast Guard celebrated its 225thanniversary today at the Coast Guard’s Douglas A. Munro Headquarters with U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary

  • The boards of the International Seafarers Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN) and the Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme (MPHRP) are moving the activities of the MPHRP into ISWAN. A transfer agreement was

  • AUGUST 4, 2015 — The start of production of Estonian operator Tallink's new generation LNG fueled fast ferry for the Tallinn, Estonia-Helsinki, Finland,

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  • Welding Machines Kemppi Pro5000/PRO4000 amp DC TIG Welder or Combined MIG Welding MachineKey features

    •Fitted with PROTIG High Frequency Control
    •Welding Ranges 5 to 500 amps
    •Duty Cycle 100 @ 420 amps

  • OCEANDYNAMIC is a company, with the primary aim of providing High Standard Services and Products to the Greek Shipping Community.The Company was established in 1997 at Piraeus (Greece) and

  • The family Voudouris deals with shipbuilding projects since 1912. Evangelos Voudouris continues its tradition as learned over the years by his father Omiros Voudouris, while adding modern feel of

  • SEASCAPE since its foundation in 2005, has developed a quality policy that consistenly meets our customers' needs and expectations.

    Operating according to the industry’s highest standards, we provide

  • Intertrade Ltd. is a company that Officialy Represents important companies in the maritime sector such as : REINTJES GmbH, Chesterton, Vulkan - DMR, Polarmarine, SPW GmbH, AP Marine, Van

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