Any Safe Port in the World

American Society for Testing and Materials.


Asphalt Tanker.

Area to be Avoided.


Affordability Through Commonality (NAVSEA Program)

Any Time Day/Night Sundays and Holidays Included

Across. Athwart-ships. Across the line of the vessel's keel. Athwart-hawse. Across the direction of a vessel's head. Across her cable.

Aids to Navigation Information System.

Actual Time Used To Count


Australia (flag)

Automated Damage Control.


Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.

Auxiliary/Generators Kilowatts (total)


Auxiliary Management Information System.

Always Within Institute Warranties Limits For insurance purpose: the ship should sail only within sea areas in which she is always insured. For instance the Bearing Sea is outside these limits, while he southern part of it is almost always free of ice. An ...


American Waterway Operators. The national trade association for the barge and towing industry and the shipyards employed in the repair and construction of these craft.

Auxiliary Boiler Survey

Auxiliary Eire-Tube Boiler Survey

Auxiliary Waste Heat Boiler Survey.