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This is so given that this is a notional point in chartering terms, this is best described as the Shipper/Receiver arranging for delivery/receival of cargo to/from directly under ships hook and the ship paying for the labour to stow the cargo in the vesse ...

Dispensation, given by a country which reserves the carriage of goods to ships of its own national fleet.

Under Hook (i.e.barge cargo)

Freight calculated on the value of the goods, expressed as a percentage.

Term in a c/p stipulating that despatch money (amount payable by shipowner to charterers/shippers or receivers)for loading or discharging in less than the time allowed in the C/P, is to be calculated at half of the agreed rate of demurrage.

Term in a charter party which stipulates that the ship must not be ordered to a port or berth where she would touch the bottom.

To reduce the number of days between the first of the laydays and the last.

Voyage charter party (Americanised Welsh Coal Carterparty), used for shipments of coal from United States.

(Carriage Paid To) (...Named Place of Destination):A Term of Sale which means the seller pays the freight for the carriage of the goods to the named destination. The risk of loss of or damage to the goods, as well as any additional costs due to events occ ...

A fee charged to the ship by the ship's agent, representing payment for services while the ship was in port. Sometimes called attendance fee. AID - Agency for International Development.

Adderss commission

A fee levied by the shipping company upon the port or supplier for not loading or unloading the vessel by a specified date agreed upon by contract. Usually, assessed upon a daily basis after the deadline.

Additional chartering terms at the end of a charter party

The confirmed or official dimensions of a ship.

In the condition in which the subject mater is.

Hiring of a ship for a period of time during which the shipowner provides only the ship and the charterer provides the crew, all stores and bunkers and pays all operating costs.

The hiring of a ship in whole or part

When a liner cargo vessel accepts extra cargo to fill up the empty space remaining.

Element in the freight charged by a shipping line which reflects the additional costs of serving a particular area.

Designates the owner who receives the benefits or profits from the operation.