An atmospheric sounding instrument which is supported by a captive balloon and used to obtain temperature and humidity data from the ground level to a height of a few thousand feet. The data is telemetered to the ground through a wire cable.

A river gauge in which a weight suspended on a wire is lowered to the water surface from a bridge or other overhead structure to measure the distance from a point of known elevation to the water surface.

A fixed-length group of bits representing the large data element handled as a unit by a computer. Word length is determined by the capacity of the CPU registers.

Electromagnetic radiation of very short wavelength. lying within the wavelength interval of 0.1 to 1.5 angstroms (between gamma rays and ultraviolet radiation). X-rays penetrate various thicknesses of all solids, and they act on photographic plates in the ...

A type of directional antenna used on some types of radar and radio equipment consisting of an array of elemental, single- wire dipole antennas and reflectors.

Any soft, gentle breeze.