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Chartering Terms

A document by which the Master of a ship acknowledges having received in good order and condition (or the reverse) certain specified goods consigned to him by some particular shipper, and binds himself to deliver them in similar condition, unless the peri ...

Cargo banned by general cargo workers for some reason. This ban could be because the cargo is dangerous or hazardous to health.

Crude oils.

The foremost port, used for stowing.

Voyage charter party published by Chamber of Shipping of U.K.


1.Berth Terms2.Bow Thruster.


Charlie - C = signal letter and flag. Morse = ( - . - . )Flag= Horizontally divided in 5 stripes. Blue above and under, red in the middle between two white ones.When hoisted singly from a ship it means "YES- Affirmative".

The carriage of goods or passengers for remuneration taken on at one point and discharged at another point within the territory of the same country. or Shipments between ports of a single nation, frequently reserved to national flag vessels of that nat ...

Last date, agreed in a charter party, by which vessel must be available to the charterer at the agreed place.

Clause in a voyage charter party which relieve the charterer of all responsibility one the cargo has been shipped.

A contractual agreement between a ship owner and a cargo owner, usually arranged by a broker, whereby a ship is chartered (hired) either for one voyage or a period of time.

The tariff applied for chartering tonnage in a particular trade.

The person to whom is given the use of the whole of the carrying capacity of a ship for the transportation of cargo or passengers to a stated port for a specified time.

The period of time excluding the first and last days.

Final date for delivering cargo to a liner ships.

Freight rate for shipping container for a particular commodity.

Cargo, normally cars, shipped in pieces to be assembled at destination.



Cargo containing shipments of two or more shippers or suppliers. Containerload shipments may be consolidated for one or more consignees.