For a given cloud or cloud laver. the lowest level in the atmosphere at which the air contains a perceptible quantity of cloud particles.

The height of the cloud base above the local terrain.

Any sudden and heavy rain, almost always of the shower type.

Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor. A method of making silicon chips that results in low power consumption by the circuits.

Formation of a single water drop by the union of two or more colliding drops.

A colloquial term in western Australia for a squall, associated with thunder, on the northwest coast in summer.

A radiosonde which transmits the indication of the meteorological sensing elements in the form of a code consisting of combinations of dots and dashes.

A class of instruments employed to determine the electric potential at a point in the atmosphere, and ultimately the atmospheric electric field.

An estimate of the temperature of an incandescent body, determined by observing the wavelength at which it is emitting with peak intensity (its color) and using that wavelength in Wien's law.

A direct-vision nephoscope which is constructed in the following manner: a comb consisting of a crosspiece containing equispaced vertical rods is attached to one end of a column eight to ten feet long and is supported on a mounting that is free to rotate ...

The total of all deviations of a transducer's output from a specified straight line in a constant environment.

See radiosonde commutator.

The cardinal points of the compass, i.e. north, south, east, west.

Pyrheliometer based on the comparison of the heating of two identical metal strips, one exposed to radiation, the other to a joule effect.

Small particle on which water vapor condenses.

A contact anemometer connected to an electrical circuit which is so arranged that the average wind speed is indicated.

A unit measure of electrical conduction. The facility with which a substance conducts electricity, as represented by the current density per unit electrical-potential gradient in the direction of flow. Electrical conductivity is the reciprocal of electric ...

A protective coating applied to circuits.

A balloon designed to float at a constant pressure level. This may be accomplished by a pressure valve which controls the release of ballast so as to maintain flight above a selected pressure level until the supply of ballast is exhausted. See Moby Dick b ...

Same as constant-level balloon.