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The order to tack the ship

On the deck (not over it - see ALOFT)

Above decks; without concealment of deceit (out in the open).

To lay the head yards abox in a square rigged sailing vessel was to lay them square to the foremast in order to heave-to.

Alongside of. Side by side. Side by side ; by the side of.

Abeam of (alongside of).

An arbitrary filter efficiency rating.

All (not just 98%) particles larger than the stated micron size have been removed from the fluid being filtered.

The total pressure measured from absolute zero ( i.e., from an absolute vacuum).

The temperature of a body referred to the absolute zero, at which point the volume of an ideal gas theoretically becomes zero. (Fahrenheit scale is minus 459.67

Is the force in newton required to move a fluid layer of one square meter area and a thickness of one meter with a velocity of one meter per second.

A method to trap liquids or gases by causing them to penetrate into the absorbent material.

One carrier assumes the charges of another without any increase in charges to the shipper.

That part of the ocean lying below 300 fathoms from the surface.

A time draft (or bill of exchange) that the drawee (payer) has accepted and is unconditionally obligated to pay at maturity.- Broadly speaking, any agreement to purchase goods under specified terms.

A hole through casing, bulkhead, floor or deck to enable one to reach work or gear.

Charges that are applied to the base tariff rate or base contract rate, e.g., bunkers, container, currency, destination/delivery.

Place where crew is accommodated.

– A portable ladder hinged to a platform attached to the side of a ship and which can be positioned to provide access between ship and shore. Telescopic accommodation ladder is used for covering a long distance between the vessel and port quay. According ...

Fitted with cabins and catering facilities for offshore crews. Semisubmersible accommodation units are ofte called "Flotels".