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ACRONYM Actual cubic feet per minute.

The quality, state or degree of being acid. In oils, acidity denotes the presence of acid-type constituents whose concentration is usually defined in terms of neutralization number.

When a bill of lading is accepted or signed by a shipper or shipper's agent without protest, the shipper is said to acquiesce to the terms, giving a silent form of consent.

A written receipt in full, in discharge from all claims.

U.S. Customs' master computer system, "Automated Commercial Systems."

Activate, Activation

An act beyond human control, such as lightning, flood or earthquake. – An unpredictable situation which is beyond the power of man. A natural event, not preventable by any human power, such as flood, storms, or lighting usually quoted as “force majeure” ...

An adsorption type desiccant.

ACRONYM - Actuator

Quantity of gas actually compressed and delivered to the discharge system at rated speed of the machine and under rated pressure conditions.

Ad valorem.

A term from Latin meaning, "according to value."

A type of compression where no heat is transferred to or from the gas during the compression process.

Ratio between measured shaft power and the adiabatic compression power, referring to measured mass flow.

Calculation of a loss by an average adjuster.

A representative of a government commission or agency vested with power to administer oaths, examine witnesses, take testimony, and conduct hearings of cases submitted to, or initiated by, that agency. Also called Hearing Examiner.

Comes from the Arabic "Emir" or "Amir" which means "First commander" and "Al-bahr which means "the sea". Emir-al-barh evolved into Admiral.

The title of a commander of a fleet or a subdivision of it.

Refers to marine matters such as an Admiralty Court.

The law of the sea; jurisdiction over maritime causes.