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Technical Terms

BSFC: Brake Specific Fuel Consumption in g/kWh

A term applied to a floating object that is moored or anchored so that it remains at one place. Budys are used for marking the places on the water where a ship is sunk, where reefs are below, where the edges of the channel are, or to provide means for moo ...

Ability to float, the supporting effort exerted by a liquid (usaually water) upon the surface of a boly wholly or partially immersed.


Charlie - C = signal letter and flag. Morse = ( - . - . )Flag= Horizontally divided in 5 stripes. Blue above and under, red in the middle between two white ones.When hoisted singly from a ship it means "YES- Affirmative".

The maximum rope tension (in kilonewtons), measured at drum exit when the drum just commences to rotate on the opposite direction to the applied driving torque, the prime mover being set for maximum torque in automatic control, with the rope wound on t ...

A machinery device, which is applied for clipping and receiving/rending the electric cables during cable-laying under water.

A crane with a cantilever which is incapable of luffing. The cargo hook is fixed on the out end of the cantilever or hanged on a movable carriage along it.

A machine having a vertically mounted warping end on which a rope may be wound under power, but not stored.

A winch used for hoisting and lowering cargo.

Calculated Carbon Aromacity Index. The CCAI is a calculated value originally intended to indicate the ignition properties or ignition delay of the fuel related to the viscosity and density. The CCAI gives no indication of the combustion properties. The C ...

Contract Maximum Continuous Rating in kW.

A machine with a common prime mover which will provide independently the functions of either a windlass or a mooring winch (automatic or non-automatic).

A unit fitted with control levers, buttons, etc., as appropriate.

A vessel with permanently installed cranes designed principally for lifting operations.

The maximum rope tension (in kilonewtons), measured at the drum commences to rotate in the direction of haul, the prime mover being set for maximum torque under automatic control and the rope being wound on the drum in a single layer.

The minimum uniform speed (in meters per second) measured on the first layer that the winch can maintain under drum load.


Delta. D = signal letter and flag. Morse = ( - . - )Flag= Blue central horizontal stripe with smaller yellow strip above and under.When hoisted singly from a ship it means "I am maneuvering with difficulty. (Similar fog signal.)

A kind of winch, which is applied for deep sea-bed material sampling, and performing the benthonic organism trawl survey.

The derrick boom heel having a pivot is hinged with the lower part of the mast, and the head of derrick boom, through steel wire, is connected with the mast top. The mast itself is fixed with the hull deck at mast bottom end, maintaining its stand state. ...