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(BOT)The difference between a country's exports and imports over a given period of time.

One of the main components of a company's Report and Accounts, the balance sheet provides a.

A mutual fund which invests in a balance of common stock, bonds and preferred stock with an.

The final payment on a loan which is significantly larger than those preceding.

A self regulated London exchange serving world wide interests. It is the world's premier maritime.

A combination of banking and insurance business. A high street bank, for example, might sell both.

Pay between the lower earnings limit and upper earnings limit which is used to determine National.

An institution which takes deposits from individuals, companies, organisations etc..

The maximum credit an individual may secure from his/her.

A system operated by the clearing banks in which a paper slip/document instructs a bank branch to.

In the US, a fund held by a section of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as deposit.

A moral, rather than a contractual commitment by a bank to provide a loan to a borrower up to a.

A document, issued by a bank to its customers, listing details of debit and credit transactions over.

A short-term credit investment created by a non-financial firm and guaranteed by a bank as to.

In situations where a person owes money to a creditor, and the creditor is not prepared to accept a.

A reference sought from a bank by a company or individual regarding the creditworthiness of another.

A situation where an individual is incapable of settling his/her debts and has been served a.

Bar charts have a wide variety of applications and in the financial markets are used by technical.

A trust which allows parents to give capital to a child and have the income from that capital.

A term used on the London Stock Exchange to describe a share purchase or sale. The term does not.