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(AMEX)A stock exchange located in Manhattan where stocks of small to medium sized companies are.

An option which can be exercised at any time until expiry (unlike European style options which can.

See 'American-style.

An annual charge made in a company's profit and loss account to reduce the value of an asset to zero.

American Stock Exchange Options Switching System

A professional working for a fund manager or broker whose job is to analyse key industry sectors.

A provider of venture capital, usually used in relation to backers of theatrical.

See 'reversionary.

(AER)A figure quoted in loan advertisements to help people make compare one product with another. It.

Each taxpaying individual in the UK is entitled to an annual exemption of

(AGM)An annual meeting, called by the directors of a company, which shareholders are invited to.

(APR)Where interest on loans is expressed as other than a yearly rate, for example 1.5% per month, APR.

All quoted companies have a legal obligation to send shareholders annual results within six.

The total annual return on an investment which includes dividend payments and capital.

A person in receipt of an.

The commencement of regular payments from capital which has accumulated in an.

The payment of a regular income by a life company to an annuitant in exchange for a lump sum.

It used to be the case that you could only receive your pension from a personal pension plan by.

The date on which annuity benefit payments start to be paid to an.

US legislation to prevent monopolies and restraint of.