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Financial Terms

Regular investment of a fixed dollar amount in a mutual fund with dividends.

A tax-efficient trust, used to pass assets to your children while still retaining some control of.

Units in a unit trust where the income from the trust's investments is reinvested in the trust.

(ADI)A daily weighted volume indicator that moves with price.

See 'acid.

A financial ratio which is similar to the current ratio, but more stringent. It is defined.

A term used to describe the takeover of a company by another which might be by agreement or. Acquisition The selection of the target vessels requiring a tracking procedure and the initiation of their tracking.

All the months of a particular futures contract or futures option contract, for example, if all the.

An unpreventable and unpredictable event which could cause loss or damage to buildings, land,.

A fund in which the objective is to outperform the market average by actively seeking out stocks.

See 'active.

A loose term denoting that there is a high degree of liquidity in a stock market, which in turn.

(ADL)An insurance term which refers to the basic things that people need to be able to do in order look.

Commodities such as metals, coffee and grain which are bought and sold for use as opposed to hedging.

A person trained and specialising in risk, statistics and finance who gives advice on insurance and.

Taxes which are charged as a percentage of the value of an asset. Stamp Duty, which is charged on.

Continuously updating the weighting of past prices for smoothing or forecasting.

An income tax allowance to single people including widows/widowers, separated spouses etc who are.

A term which applies to trusts without an interest in possession (for example a discretionary trust).

(AVC)Additional payments to a tax deferred savings account or an occupational pension scheme by an.